Information Empires story so far…and the launch of The Online Course Club

Firstly lets talk about YOU and what we can do to help you with Creating and Marketing Your onw Online Business. We have an extensive range of Business Online Courses being launched specifically with the Online Business Creator in mind.

Information Empires was set up while I was on maternity leave because I really wanted to look after my new baby full time but also knew that I wanted to continue to have a monthly income.

With knowing this I then decided to take all my years of experience working in sales and marketing for companies such as Harrods, Liveras Yachts, Audi and Mercedes Benz , and put them to good use…

“With years of  training with these companies and training for these companies I could really see the fantastic potential of building my own Information Empire, and to start publishing and Marketing my own products and courses for myself instead of a big corporate company. So I have invested in myself being trained and mentored by some of the best and most successful Internet Business owners globally.

Now I have made all of that Information available in the form of a developing library of Products and Information so new strategies and tools are always available to you.

The information will show you how to master many skills needed to build your online business.So you can enjoy the rewards and lifestyle of running your own home Information Empire business,  starting with very little seed money from your own home office, spare bedroom, or even kitchen table!”

Tracey Hurst is the owner of Information Empires which was shortlisted for The MumsClub Business Awards 2011, and voted a Winner of The MumsClub Top 100 Mums in Business Awards 2012 in the Online Business Category. The winners were invited to be regional MumsClub Ambassadors so Tracey accepted that position and hopes to help MumsClub alongside Information Empires with courses showing members how to start and run a Business.

Look forwards to welcoming you.

Tracey Hurst

Learned from the Best in the Internet Business community